Extended phase 1 habitat surveys

Conducting an extended phase 1 habitat survey is normally the first step in assessing the ecological value of a site and the likely effects of the proposed development. Local Planning Authorities normally require an extended phase 1 habitat survey to be undertaken where the proposals could impact designated sites, protected habitats or protected species.

Phase 1 habitat survey (JNCC, 2010; CIEEM, 2013) is a standard technique for recording and mapping the habitats present within a development site. The technique is typically “extended” to include an assessment of the potential of the site to support protected species and carried out alongside a desk study to obtain records of designated sites, protected habitats and protected species from third parties, such as local biodiversity records centres and local conservation groups.

extended phase 1 habitat surveys

We are highly experienced in conducting extended phase 1 habitat surveys for a variety of developments, from small residential schemes through to large-scale infrastructure projects. We offer pragmatic and appropriate solutions to enable development to proceed while meeting the relevant legislative and policy requirements. Contact us for further information on our capabilities or advice with regards a specific development. 

Once the desk study and extended phase 1 habitat survey have been completed, the next step is to identify any features that are subject to legal or policy controls and assess whether they will be affected by the proposals. Recommendations may then be made to avoid or mitigate any ecological impacts, and for any further steps that would be required to complete the ecological assessment.

extended phase 1 habitat surveys
Timing Considerations: Extended phase 1 habitat surveys are best undertaken between April and September, but can be carried out year-round.
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Babec Ecological Consultants are based in Sussex and Hertfordshire, and provide extended phase 1 habitat surveys across West Sussex, East Sussex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridge, Essex, London and throughout England and Wales. We are happy to give free initial advice and provide an excellent service at competitive rates. Click here to get in touch.