Protected species mitigation

Protected species mitigation is required were a development could otherwise affect a species that is safeguarded by EU or UK legislation. It includes taking measures to avoid or reduce the impacts of the development on protected species, such as capturing and moving animals, or timings certain works to avoid disturbing species when they are most vulnerable to harm. In order to progress a development that will affect a protected species, the developer may also need to obtain a licence from a statutory body, such as Natural England or Natural Resources Wales.

We have considerable experience of mitigating for protected species and can design and implement a measured and appropriate mitigation strategy to allow your development to progress. If necessary, this can include applying for a protected species licence on your behalf.

In the first instance, protected species survey information is analysed alongside the development proposals to identify the potential impacts of the development on the protected species in question. A mitigation strategy can then be formulated to avoid or reduce these impacts. If necessary, the mitigation strategy can be documented for submission to the planning authority, allowing them to determine the planning application. At this stage we can also determine whether protected species licensing is required and if necessary, apply for licence on your behalf.

Note that in most instances the regulators will require protected species surveys to have been undertaken before they will approve or licence a mitigation strategy. See our protected species survey section for more information.

Protected species mitigation

Appropriate mitigation measures can allow developments affecting protected species to progress.

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