Hedgerow surveys

The Hedgerow Regulations (1997) protect important hedges in England and Wales from damage or destruction. If a development requires the removal of a hedge that could qualify as an important hedgerow, then we can conduct a survey to determine whether it meets the criteria set out in the Hedgerow Regulations. If necessary, a hedgerow removal notice can then be submitted to your local planning authority.

Our botanical team can conduct hedgerow surveys and if necessary, guide you through the process of submitting a hedgerow removal notice

Hedgerow surveys comprise dividing the hedgerow up into appropriate sections then surveying the number of woody species present in each unit. The herb layer is also sampled as well as other variables such as connectivity to other hedges, woodlands or ponds, and the presence of features such as walls, banks or ditches. Once all survey data has been obtained, we can determine whether the hedgerow meets the criteria for an important hedge as set out in the Hedgerow Regulations.

Hedgerow survey
Timing Considerations: Hedgerow surveys can be undertaken between April and October, with June and July being the optimal months for undertaking this type of survey.
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