Aquatic macrophyte surveys

Aquatic macrophytes are plants that occur in or near water that can be seen with the naked eye. They include submerged, emergent and floating flowering plants as well as ferns and bryophytes. Aquatic macrophyte surveys may be required where a development scheme could affect a watercourse. As many macrophytes are sensitive to water quality, they can also be used to assess and monitor the health of water bodies.

Our experienced botanists can conduct aquatic macrophyte surveys using any of the standard techniques, or design a bespoke survey to meet your needs.

Standard techniques for undertaking aquatic macrophyte surveys include the Mean Trophic Rank method, the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) method and the LEAFPACS method. Our experienced team can undertake macrophyte surveys following one of the standard techniques or design and conduct a bespoke survey tailored to your needs.

Aquatic macrophyte survey
Timing Considerations: The optimal period for undertaking aquatic macrophyte surveys is between June and September, inclusive.
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