Badger mitigation

Badger footprint

If a development requires the closure of an active sett, it will be necessary to implement a suitable mitigation strategy and apply for a licence from the relevant statutory body to enable the development to progress.

If badgers are present on your site, our team of experienced ecologists can work with you to design and implement a suitable mitigation strategy. If necessary, this can include applying for a licence on your behalf.

Where active setts are present within your site and could be affected by development, the preferred option is to adopt measures to ensure that active setts are protected and that badgers are not harmed or disturbed.

If this is not possible, it may be necessary to apply for a licence from the relevant statutory body to disturb or close the sett. The regulators may require further information on the status of sett before a licence application can be made, which may be gained by undertaking a bait marking survey or using camera traps. Once a licence is granted, the sett may be closed following the method laid out in the licence. This normally includes installing one-way gates on sett entrances before carefully digging out the sett under ecological supervision.
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Babec Ecological Consultants are based in Sussex and Hertfordshire, and provide badger mitigation across West Sussex, East Sussex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridge, Essex, London and throughout England and Wales. We are happy to give free initial advice and provide an excellent service at competitive rates. Click here to get in touch.